Forms & Applications

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Form   When to use
Fund Application – Leveraged Funds   Use to open a new individual, joint, UGMA, Trust, Corporation, and Association/Partnership Account. Do not use for any type of IRA.
Fund Application – Managed Tactical & Core Strategy Funds
Account Options Form   Use to make changes to your existing account(s).
IRA Application – Leveraged Funds   Use to open an IRA, rollover IRA, Roth and SEP accounts.
IRA Application – Managed Tactical & Core Strategy Funds
IRA Transfer Form – Leveraged Funds   Use to transfer IRA assets from another IRA Custodian.
IRA Transfer Form – Managed Tactical & Core Strategy Funds
IRA Beneficiary Addition/Change Form   Use to make change to your IRA beneficiaries.
Education IRA Application – Leveraged Funds   Use to open an Education IRA.
Education IRA Application – Managed Tactical & Core Strategy Funds
Entity Account Application – Leveraged Funds   Use to open an account as an entity. Do not use for IRA accounts.
Entity Account Application – Managed Tactical & Core Strategy Funds
IRA/Education IRA Disclosure Statement   Use when opening an IRA or Educational IRA.
Certification of Beneficial Owners   Use to identify individuals with 25% or more ownership in Entity accounts.
Check Writing Application   Use to establish the check writing option on your account
Automatic Investment Plan   Use to invest funds into your account from a designated bank.