An Example of Daily Investment Results

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This brief paper provides an actual market example of daily investment results for Direxion leveraged ETFs.

The return of a benchmark index for a given period tells you little about what that Direxion leveraged ETF will return for that same period. The path a benchmark takes to obtain that return can be of much greater consequence.

Summary – The return of a leveraged ETF for a period longer than a day is the product of the series of leveraged daily returns for the fund within the period. It is not the return of the benchmark multiplied by the ETF’s target leverage point (3 in the case of Direxion leveraged 3X ETFs). The funds’ returns can be positively impacted by a smoothly trending index, or negatively by a volatile index for a period longer than one day. Leveraged ETFs with relatively high leverage points, should be monitored regularly to ensure that desired exposure levels are maintained. If exposure levels grow beyond, or drop below, the levels sought by the investor, reallocation should be strongly considered.