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Non-Leveraged ETFs


The Direxion Hydrogen ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the Indxx Hydrogen Economy Index. There is no guarantee that the fund will achieve its stated investment objective.

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The Direxion Hydrogen ETF offers exposure to 30 companies leading the way towards net-zero emissions by providing more accessible, efficient, sustainable solutions across the following five hydrogen-related sub-themes. HJEN may be considered a satellite holding to complement other broader positions within a portfolio.

  1. Hydrogen Production and Generation: Companies involved in the process of hydrogen generation, in either liquid or solid form.
  2. Hydrogen Storage and Supply: Companies engaged in providing storage and transportation services of hydrogen. It also includes companies that supply hydrogen to various users and operate hydrogen fueling stations across countries.
  3. Fuel Cell and Battery: Companies manufacturing fuel cells and batteries that are run on hydrogen-based technology.
  4. Hydrogen Systems and Solutions: Companies offering equipment, components or technology used in hydrogen industry. Those involved in providing solutions and systems to the value chain across hydrogen generation, storage and supply.
  5. Membrane and Catalyst: Companies that design and produce membrane, filters, catalyst or membrane assemblies for fuel cell, or hydrogen-related, technologies.

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Target Index

The Indxx Hydrogen Economy Index (IH2ECO) tracks the performance of companies that provide goods and/or services related to the Hydrogen Industry, including hydrogen generation and storage, fuel cells, hydrogen stations, and hydrogen-based vehicles. The Index includes domestic securities as well as securities listed on various foreign markets, including among others, Japan and South Korea. The Index is reconstituted annually and rebalanced quarterly. One cannot directly invest in an index.

Hydrogen is a Versatile Source of Clean Energy with Multiple Applications

Source: Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO): National Hydrogen Roadmap (2019)


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