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The Past May Not be Prologue: Earnings Forecasts Key to the Rest of 2021

July 06, 2021

Editor’s note: Any and all references to timeframes longer than one trading day are for purposes of market context only, and not recommendations of any holding timeframe. Daily rebalancing ETFs are not meant to be held unmonitored for long periods. If you don’t have the resources, time or inclination to constantly monitor and manage your positions, leveraged ETFs are not for you.

Stocks closed out Q2 at a high water mark. The S&P 500 is up 14% through June 30th as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has climbed 13%. Both have been powered by an economic recovery that many investors believe is still gaining ground.

But while the mood should be ecstatic, considering the state of the world just 12 months ago, investors and traders are focused on the second half of 2021. While the market may be priced to perfection based on current earnings, it’s projections for future earnings that will be most anticipated this time around. That’s because U.S. businesses are at a critical moment coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many analysts expect Q2 earnings to be the peak of the recovery.

The next few months may be difficult for traders looking for stocks to break out of the tight range we’ve seen since late spring, unless companies show significant surprise to the upside in their future guidance for Q3 and beyond.

Below is a calendar with reporting dates organized by index, along with links to the related 2X or 3X Leveraged ETFs, for traders who have a bold opinion on what's in store for the rest of the summer. Happy trading!

S&P 500 Index (SPXT)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
AAPL UWApple Inc5.84%7/30/2021
MSFT UWMicrosoft Corp5.57%7/22/2021
AMZN Inc4.16%7/30/2021
FB UWFacebook Inc2.28%7/30/2021
GOOGL UWAlphabet Inc2.05%7/30/2021
GOOG UWAlphabet Inc2.02%7/30/2021
BRK/B UNBerkshire Hathaway Inc1.45%8/7/2021
TSLA UWTesla Inc1.40%7/22/2021
NVDA UWNVIDIA Corp1.32%8/19/2021
JPM UNJPMorgan Chase & Co1.27%7/13/2021

S&P 500 High Beta Index (SP5HBIT)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
OXY UNOccidental Petroleum Corp1.69%8/10/2021
NCLH UNNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd1.55%8/6/2021
CZR UWCaesars Entertainment Inc1.44%8/6/2021
FANG UWDiamondback Energy Inc1.40%8/3/2021
ENPH UQEnphase Energy Inc1.39%8/4/2021
CCL UNCarnival Corp1.38%9/15/2021
UAL UWUnited Airlines Holdings Inc1.34%7/21/2021
RCL UNRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd1.33%8/10/2021
DVN UNDevon Energy Corp1.32%8/3/2021
MGM UNMGM Resorts International1.31%7/30/2021

Russell 1000 Financial Services Index (RGUSFLA) 

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
BRK/B UNBerkshire Hathaway Inc11.52%8/7/2021
JPM UNJPMorgan Chase & Co10.37%7/13/2021
BAC UNBank of America Corp6.92%7/14/2021
WFC UNWells Fargo & Co4.18%7/14/2021
C UNCitigroup Inc3.24%7/14/2021
MS UNMorgan Stanley2.80%7/15/2021
BLK UNBlackRock Inc2.79%7/16/2021
GS UNGoldman Sachs Group Inc/The2.75%7/13/2021
SCHW UNCharles Schwab Corp/The2.57%7/16/2021
SPGI UNS&P Global Inc2.17%7/29/2021

Health Care Select Sector Index (IXVTR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
JNJ UNJohnson & Johnson9.14%7/21/2021
UNH UNUnitedHealth Group Inc8.00%7/15/2021
PFE UNPfizer Inc4.63%7/28/2021
ABT UNAbbott Laboratories4.45%7/22/2021
TMO UNThermo Fisher Scientific Inc4.24%7/22/2021
MRK UNMerck & Co Inc4.12%7/29/2021
LLY UNEli Lilly & Co3.87%8/3/2021
DHR UNDanaher Corp3.62%7/22/2021
MDT UNMedtronic PLC3.55%8/24/2021
BMY UNBristol-Myers Squibb Co3.14%7/28/2021

S&P Industrials Select Sector Index (IXITR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
HON UWHoneywell International Inc4.87%7/23/2021
UPS UNUnited Parcel Service Inc4.84%7/27/2021
UNP UNUnion Pacific Corp4.71%7/22/2021
BA UNBoeing Co/The4.28%7/29/2021
RTX UNRaytheon Technologies Corp4.18%7/28/2021
CAT UNCaterpillar Inc3.81%7/30/2021
GE UNGeneral Electric Co3.70%7/29/2021
MMM UN3M Co3.69%7/27/2021
DE UNDeere & Co3.53%8/20/2021
LMT UNLockheed Martin Corp2.99%7/21/2021


TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
PLD UNPrologis Inc8.05%7/19/2021
EQIX UWEquinix Inc6.35%7/29/2021
PSA UNPublic Storage4.27%8/5/2021
SPG UNSimon Property Group Inc3.84%8/10/2021
DLR UNDigital Realty Trust Inc3.82%7/30/2021
WELL UNWelltower Inc3.09%8/5/2021
AVB UNAvalonBay Communities Inc2.63%7/29/2021
EQR UNEquity Residential2.46%7/28/2021
O UNRealty Income Corp2.27%8/3/2021
ARE UNAlexandria Real Estate Equities Inc2.12%7/26/2021

Dow Jones Internet Index (DJINETT)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
FB UWFacebook Inc7.51%7/30/2021
PYPL UWPayPal Holdings Inc5.50%7/28/2021
GOOGL UWAlphabet Inc4.79%7/30/2021
GOOG UWAlphabet Inc4.67%7/30/2021
NFLX UWNetflix Inc4.58%7/20/2021
CRM Inc4.36%8/23/2021
CSCO UWCisco Systems Inc/Delaware4.23%8/18/2021
ZM UWZoom Video Communications Inc3.26%8/31/2021
SNAP UNSnap Inc2.79%7/21/2021
DOCU UWDocuSign Inc2.74%9/3/2021

S&P Biotechnology Select Industry Index (SPSIBITR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
AVXL URAnavex Life Sciences Corp1.03%8/6/2021
NTLA UQIntellia Therapeutics Inc0.99%8/6/2021
OCGN UROcugen Inc0.84%8/13/2021
MNKD UQMannKind Corp0.79%8/5/2021
MGNX UWMacroGenics Inc0.78%7/30/2021
BEAM UWBeam Therapeutics Inc0.78%8/12/2021
EDIT UWEditas Medicine Inc0.75%8/6/2021
TBIO UWTranslate Bio Inc0.75%8/6/2021
VCYT UQVeracyte Inc0.74%7/30/2021
MCRB UWSeres Therapeutics Inc0.73%7/28/2021

PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index (XSOX)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
NVDA UWNVIDIA Corp9.34%8/19/2021
QCOM UWQUALCOMM Inc8.01%7/28/2021
TXN UWTexas Instruments Inc7.77%7/21/2021
AVGO UWBroadcom Inc7.69%9/3/2021
INTC UWIntel Corp7.56%7/23/2021
MRVL UWMarvell Technology Inc4.11%8/27/2021
ASML UWASML Holding NV3.98%7/21/2021
KLAC UWKLA Corp3.91%8/3/2021
TSM UNTaiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd3.90%7/16/2021
LRCX UWLam Research Corp3.83%7/29/2021

S&P Pharmaceuticals Select Industry Index (SISIPHTR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
ELAN UNElanco Animal Health Inc4.86%7/30/2021
SAVA URCassava Sciences Inc4.83%8/12/2021
ZTS UNZoetis Inc4.71%8/6/2021
LLY UNEli Lilly & Co4.69%8/3/2021
CTLT UNCatalent Inc4.58%8/31/2021
JNJ UNJohnson & Johnson4.55%7/21/2021
BMY UNBristol-Myers Squibb Co4.50%7/28/2021
JAZZ UWJazz Pharmaceuticals PLC4.45%8/4/2021
PFE UNPfizer Inc4.45%7/28/2021
PRGO UNPerrigo Co PLC4.24%8/5/2021

Dow Jones U.S. Select Home Builders Index (DJSHMBT)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
DHI UNDR Horton Inc14.26%7/22/2021
LEN UNLennar Corp13.23%9/14/2021
NVR UNNVR Inc8.04%7/22/2021
PHM UNPulteGroup Inc7.07%7/27/2021
HD UNHome Depot Inc/The4.64%8/17/2021
LOW UNLowe's Cos Inc4.58%8/18/2021
SHW UNSherwin-Williams Co/The4.43%7/27/2021
TOL UNToll Brothers Inc3.18%8/25/2021
BLD UNTopBuild Corp3.11%8/4/2021
MAS UNMasco Corp2.10%7/29/2021

S&P 400 Index (MID)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
TECH UWBio-Techne Corp0.74%8/4/2021
XPO UNXPO Logistics Inc0.64%7/30/2021
MOH UNMolina Healthcare Inc0.62%7/28/2021
FICO UNFair Isaac Corp0.62%7/29/2021
SBNY UWSignature Bank/New York NY0.61%7/21/2021
CGNX UWCognex Corp0.61%8/5/2021
SEDG UWSolarEdge Technologies Inc0.59%8/3/2021
CPT UNCamden Property Trust0.57%7/30/2021
CDAY UNCeridian HCM Holding Inc0.54%8/5/2021
GGG UNGraco Inc0.54%7/22/2021

 Russell 2000® Index (RU20INTR)   

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
AMC UNAMC Entertainment Holdings Inc0.77%8/6/2021
NTLA UQIntellia Therapeutics Inc0.29%8/6/2021
ARWR UWArrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc0.28%8/5/2021
OVV UNOvintiv Inc0.27%7/28/2021
LSCC UWLattice Semiconductor Corp0.25%7/28/2021
IIVI UWII-VI Inc0.25%8/13/2021
SGMS UWScientific Games Corp0.25%7/23/2021
CROX UWCrocs Inc0.25%7/30/2021
STAA UQSTAAR Surgical Co0.24%8/5/2021
THC UNTenet Healthcare Corp0.24%7/21/2021

Technology Select Sector Index (IXTTR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
MSFT UWMicrosoft Corp20.45%7/22/2021
NVDA UWNVIDIA Corp4.97%8/19/2021
V UNVisa Inc4.00%7/28/2021
PYPL UWPayPal Holdings Inc3.45%7/28/2021
MA UNMastercard Inc3.26%7/30/2021
INTC UWIntel Corp2.29%7/23/2021
CRM Inc2.27%8/23/2021
CSCO UWCisco Systems Inc/Delaware2.25%8/18/2021
AVGO UWBroadcom Inc1.95%9/3/2021
TXN UWTexas Instruments Inc1.79%7/21/2021

S&P Energy Select Sector Index (IXETR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
XOM UNExxon Mobil Corp23.89%7/30/2021
CVX UNChevron Corp20.00%7/30/2021
COP UNConocoPhillips4.57%7/30/2021
SLB UNSchlumberger NV4.52%7/23/2021
EOG UNEOG Resources Inc4.48%8/4/2021
MPC UNMarathon Petroleum Corp4.21%8/4/2021
PSX UNPhillips 664.08%8/3/2021
PXD UNPioneer Natural Resources Co4.04%8/4/2021
KMI UNKinder Morgan Inc3.82%7/22/2021
VLO UNValero Energy Corp3.47%7/29/2021

S&P Utilities Select Sector Index (IXUTR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
NEE UNNextEra Energy Inc16.30%7/23/2021
DUK UNDuke Energy Corp8.46%8/10/2021
SO UNSouthern Co/The7.17%7/30/2021
D UNDominion Energy Inc6.65%7/30/2021
EXC UWExelon Corp4.87%8/4/2021
SRE UNSempra Energy4.66%8/5/2021
XEL UWXcel Energy Inc3.97%7/30/2021
PEG UNPublic Service Enterprise Group Inc3.36%7/30/2021
AWK UNAmerican Water Works Co Inc3.16%8/5/2021
WEC UNWEC Energy Group Inc3.16%8/3/2021

Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJTTR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
FDX UNFedEx Corp12.58%9/15/2021
KSU UNKansas City Southern11.98%7/16/2021
NSC UNNorfolk Southern Corp11.07%7/29/2021
UNP UNUnion Pacific Corp9.24%7/22/2021
UPS UNUnited Parcel Service Inc8.74%7/27/2021
JBHT UWJB Hunt Transport Services Inc6.78%7/16/2021
LSTR UWLandstar System Inc6.69%7/22/2021
EXPD UWExpeditors International of Washington Inc5.33%8/3/2021
CHRW UWCH Robinson Worldwide Inc4.00%7/28/2021
R UNRyder System Inc3.10%7/28/2021

S&P Retail Select Industry Index (SPSIRETR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
RVLV UNRevolve Group Inc1.24%8/12/2021
ETSY UWEtsy Inc1.22%8/5/2021
DASH UNDoorDash Inc1.17%8/12/2021
BKE UNBuckle Inc/The1.15%8/20/2021
KMX UNCarMax Inc1.13%9/30/2021
CHWY UNChewy Inc1.12%9/10/2021
SSTK UNShutterstock Inc1.11%7/27/2021
BOOT UNBoot Barn Holdings Inc1.11%8/4/2021
ANF UNAbercrombie & Fitch Co1.10%8/30/2021
CVNA UNCarvana Co1.10%8/5/2021

S&P Oil & Gas Select Industry Index (SPSIOPTR)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
CPE UNCallon Petroleum Co3.01%8/4/2021
SM UNSM Energy Co2.93%7/30/2021
OXY UNOccidental Petroleum Corp2.92%8/10/2021
FANG UWDiamondback Energy Inc2.79%8/3/2021
CLR UNContinental Resources Inc/OK2.72%8/3/2021
XOM UNExxon Mobil Corp2.62%7/30/2021
OVV UNOvintiv Inc2.60%7/28/2021
MRO UNMarathon Oil Corp2.59%8/4/2021
COP UNConocoPhillips2.56%7/30/2021
XEC UNCimarex Energy Co2.55%8/5/2021

S&P Regional Banks Select Industry Index (SPSIRBKT)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
SI UNSilvergate Capital Corp1.90%7/27/2021
PNC UNPNC Financial Services Group Inc/The1.67%7/14/2021
PNFP UWPinnacle Financial Partners Inc1.65%7/21/2021
EWBC UWEast West Bancorp Inc1.65%7/22/2021
SBNY UWSignature Bank/New York NY1.65%7/21/2021
SIVB UWSVB Financial Group1.64%7/22/2021
HBAN UWHuntington Bancshares Inc/OH1.63%7/23/2021
CIT UNCIT Group Inc1.61%7/21/2021
FCNCA UWFirst Citizens BancShares Inc/NC1.61%7/28/2021
FRC UNFirst Republic Bank/CA1.61%7/13/2021

Dow Jones U.S. Select Aerospace & Defense Index (DJSASDT)

TickerNameWeight in the indexExpected Earnings Release
BA UNBoeing Co/The19.44%7/29/2021
RTX UNRaytheon Technologies Corp18.99%7/28/2021
LMT UNLockheed Martin Corp5.54%7/21/2021
LHX UNL3Harris Technologies Inc4.62%7/30/2021
TDY UNTeledyne Technologies Inc4.58%7/22/2021
NOC UNNorthrop Grumman Corp4.51%7/29/2021
TDG UNTransDigm Group Inc4.47%8/4/2021
GD UNGeneral Dynamics Corp4.47%7/29/2021
TXT UNTextron Inc4.18%7/30/2021
HWM UNHowmet Aerospace Inc3.60%8/6/2021
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