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Behind the Numbers

Welcome to Behind the Numbers, your weekly gateway to the pulse of the U.S. financial landscape. Uncover the latest market insights, trends, and compelling statistics shaping the economic terrain each week. Delve into the intricacies of the market as we unravel the stories woven ‘Behind the Numbers,’ providing you with a concise yet comprehensive view of the ever-evolving currents in the U.S. financial markets.

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Whistleblowers, Bad Books, and Civil Rights Fights

Jul 22, 2024
In this edition of BTN we explore the latest CPI numbers, complaints at OpenAI, AT&T Data Breach, and more.

May Imports and Exports, June Stock Market Winners and Losers

Jul 15, 2024
Stolen cryptocurrency, BlackRock acquisition, positive industry equity index gains in June, and more. Read the full edition of Behind the Numbers.

June Market Movements and Buffet Donations

Jul 08, 2024
S&P 500 gains in June, a big acquisition for the University of Alabama, presidential debate viewership, and more. Don’t miss this edition of BTN.

The Latest Winners and Losers: Diving Into the EV, AI, and Cannabis Industries

Jul 01, 2024
Take a peek behind the numbers on the latest winners and losers. From electric vehicles to Zyn to season 3 of Bridgerton.

It Was All Green

Jun 24, 2024
Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay approved, Country Music Fest breaks records, and Atlanta Falcons fined for tampering. Catch up on the recent news.

May Unemployment, Market Winners and Losers

Jun 17, 2024
Unemployment numbers improve, labor productivity jumps; and Simone Biles reigns. Read more about what’s behind the numbers for our June 17 edition.

NVIDIA Updates, Stock Acquisitions, S&P 500 Performance

Jun 10, 2024
Discover NVIDIA’s recent growth numbers, S&P 500 May performance, child labor issues for Hyundai, and more insightful updates in Behind the Numbers.

Fighting Fraud, Escalating Energy, and CFO Turnover

Jun 03, 2024
Google’s strong Q1 revenue numbers. A big acquisition in the energy sector. A rise in first-time homebuyers. The latest in venture capital funding, and more.

Bank Breakdowns and Soaring WNBA Views

May 23, 2024
CPI news, Republic Bank failure, more Tesla layoffs, and Caitlin Clark’s debut. Look behind the numbers for all that and more.

Unemployment Data, Uncle Sam Audits, and Tipflation

May 20, 2024
This edition of Behind the Numbers looks at April unemployment rates, what’s going on with Starbuck, Squarespace and Boeing, The Met Gala, and more.

Semiconductors, Gold Highs, and S&P 500 Results

May 13, 2024
Read about April Gold highs, the CHIPS and Science Act, an S&P 500 decline, a trading volume incline, and more.

Meta Earnings, Tesla Layoffs, and Part-Time Work

May 06, 2024
Look behind the numbers with us for recent market insights. Read about Meta earnings, Tesla layoffs, the WNBA draft day, spending season, and more.
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