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Direxion Leveraged & Inverse ETF University

Online Learning: Understanding Leveraged & Inverse ETFs

This online course is designed to provide you with the comprehensive understanding of the composition of leveraged ETFs, the mechanics of how they operate, and the risks associated with them.
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This learning module is a self-paced and can be completed in one sitting (30 – 60 minutes depending on the existing knowledge of the user), or in multiple sessions. All work will be saved as you advance through each screen and returning users will have the option of picking up where they left off, or restarting from the beginning.

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The course is divided into four sections covering the following topics:

  • The composition and mechanics of leveraged ETFs
  • How leverage magnifies returns as well as risk
  • The risks related to compounded returns and changing market exposure
  • The impact on intraday volatility