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Non-Leveraged ETF Videos

Below you will find videos to help you learn more about our Non-Leveraged ETFs.


Direxion Work From Home ETF (WFH)

July 10, 2020

The future is now. WFH is the first ETF with a strategy designed to provide investors with comprehensive exposure to firms at the forefront of the worldwide, societal transformation towards greater adoption of flexible work: The Direxion Work From Home ETF.

Essential Videos

  • What can you buy for just a few $$? A lot more than you think.

    The Direxion Low Priced Stock ETF (LOPX) offers exposure to stocks often overlooked by Wall Street.
    Watch the Video.
  • HJEN: The Power of Clean Energy Investing in One ETF.

    The top 30 Pure Play hydrogen economy companies, by largest market capitalization.
    Watch the Video.