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May Unemployment, Market Winners and Losers

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Behind The NumbersJune 17, 2024 | 2 min read
  • The Strong Sectors – Utilities was the top performing sector in May 2024 with a 9% gain. The Technology and Communication Services sectors followed close behind, with May 2024 gains of 7.1% and 7%, respectively (source: Y Charts).
  • In a Steady State – May 2024 unemployment ended at 4.0%, up from 3.9% in April 2024. The healthcare sector alone added 68,000 jobs in May 2024, followed by 43,000 government positions filled, and 42,000 jobs filled in the leisure and hospitality industry (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • First Place Finisher – First Solar Inc., a semiconductor and equipment company in the info tech sector, was the S&P 500’s winner in May 2024 with a gain of 54.2%. This brings the gain from January 2024 through May 2024 to 57.8% (source: Y Charts). 
  • Put On Your Productive Hat – The nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased by 0.2% in Q1 2024. This creates a 2.9% year-over-year increase from Q1 2023, the largest four-quarter increase since Q1 2021’s 5.9% jump (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). 
  • Rock Bottom – The Energy sector was the only sector with negative performance in May 2024, finishing the month with a -0.34% decline. This follows a decline of -0.94% in April 2024 (source: Y Charts).
  • Climate Control – Emerson, a global technology and software company, reached an agreement with Blackstone, an asset manager, to offload its remaining stake in its Copeland joint venture for $3.5 billion. This creates a 40% equity ownership in Copeland, a company focused on revolutionizing climate technology (source: Reuters). 
  • The Biggest Loser – EPAM Systems Inc, a software engineering company in the info tech sector, was the S&P 500’s biggest loser in May 2024 with a -24.4% decline in value. The year-to-date decline for EPAM Systems Inc. was -40.2% (source: Yahoo Finance).
  • Halt! – There were 33 major work stoppages in 2023, which represents the highest number of stoppages since 2000 with 39. A major work stoppage is one where 1,000 workers or more have stopped all work-related activities, whether due to strikes, economic conditions, or environmental impacts (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). 
  • Flipping to the Top – Simone Biles, an American gymnast, won her ninth U.S. Championship all-around title on June 2, 2024, solidifying her reign as the most decorated women gymnast of all time (source: CNN).
  • Deer in Headlights – Netflix is facing a new $170 million defamation lawsuit following the release of ‘Baby Reindeer,’ a series based on a woman stalker. The lawsuit is brought forward by the individual who the stalker character is based on, alleging misrepresentation of the actual facts (source: Forbes).

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