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Heat Waves, Broke Businesses, and Big Bets

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Behind The NumbersFebruary 20, 2024

January 2024: A Month of New Records

  1. Broke Businesses – 2023 was a hot year for bankruptcy filings, with 17,051 businesses and 416,607 individuals filing for bankruptcy in the 12-month period ending September 30, 2023. This follows 13,125 business and 370,685 non-business bankruptcy filings for the 12-month period ending September 30, 2022 (source: United States Courts).
  2. Not Out of the Woods Yet – January 2024 was a tough month for certain sectors, with six out of the eleven sectors posting negative returns for the 1-month period, including energy (-0.5%), industrial (-1.0%), utilities (-3.0%), materials (-3.9%), consumer discretionary (-4.4%), and real estate (-4.8%). Communication services (4.4%), financial (3.1%), health care (2.9%), technology (2.7%), and consumer staples (1.2%) all boasted positive January 2024 returns (source: Y Charts).
  3. Enter Entrepreneurs – The United States Census Bureau reported 5,481,437 new business formations in 2023, surpassing 2022’s level of 5,084,894, beating out the previous record of 5,408,029 in 2021 (source: United States Census Bureau).
  4. Not the Golden Child Anymore – The price of gold fell 2.1% in January 2024, ending the month at $2,053.30 per ounce, down from December 31, 2023’s price of $2,078.40. However, the price of gold is up from January 2023’s price of $1,923.90 (source: Y Charts).
  5. Trying to Find Power – Tesla Inc (TSLA) posted a 1-month price return of -24.6% in January. This follows a Delaware judge ruling that nixes Elon Musk’s $55 billion pay package, requiring repayment (source: Y Charts).
  6. Foot Off the Gas – Brent crude oil prices averaged $83 per barrel in 2023, a $18 decline from 2022’s average price of $101 per barrel. The average gas price in 2023 was $3.52, decreasing from 2022’s average price of $3.95 (source: U.S. Energy Information Administration).
  7. Filing Frenzy – The IRS processed 13.9 million federal income tax returns in January 2024, down from the 16.7 million processed in January 2023 (source: IRS).
  8. Behind Closed Doors – Former Heartland Tri-State Bank CEO Shan Hanes has been charged with embezzling $47.1 million in wire transfers to buy cryptocurrency. Heartland Tri-State Bank was closed by the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner on July 28, 2023 (source: Bloomberg).
  9. Summer Already? – January 2024 goes on record as the Earth’s warmest January to date, with a global average air temperature of 55.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This beats the 1991-2000 January average by 1.26 degrees Fahrenheit (source: Fox Weather).
  10. Betting Big – Sports bets placed in 2023 reached unprecedented highs, with November 2023 clocking $14,192,826,632 in wagered funds, generating $913,578,025 in revenue and $177,006,903 in tax income. From January 2023 to December 2023, $119,835,278,700 in wagers were made, creating $10,930,877,460 in revenue and $2,132,891,947 in tax income (source: Legal Sports Report).

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